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Two expert seminars have been convened by Professor Margaret Barrett (ISME President 2012 – 2014) who continues to work on this project. The second expert seminar on music education was held in New Delhi in December 2015. Undertaken in conjunction with project partners ISME, SEMPRE, The Indira Ghandi National Centre for the Arts, and The University of Queensland, the seminar was extremely successful and identified a range of strategies for increasing ISME’s presence and impact in India. Significant outcomes of the meeting included the development of the New Delhi Statement on Music Education and Engagement (See attached). This statement was presented to Dr Manesh Sharma, India’s National Minister for Culture and endorsed by him. The statement was also presented to Minister Sisodia, Delhi Minister for Education, who also endorsed the statement. In continuing work members of the seminar are working to establish the Indian Alliance for Music under the leadership of Vikram Sampath. Dr Adam Greig, Director of the KM Conservatory of Music has undertaken to host the first ISME Regional Conference in India in December 2017 at the Chennai campus of the KMCM.

New Delhi Statement on Music Education and Engagement Download