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ISME World Conference Presenter Awards. NOT AVAILABLE 2022


Purpose of the Award

The ISME World Conference Presenter Awards are intended to enable music educators with demonstrated financial need to attend the ISME biennial World Conference through meeting the registration costs and contributing towards the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence.


The ISME World Conference Presenter Awards are open to ISME members who have been accepted to give a spoken or poster presentation for the first time at the Society's biennial world conference. The awards are given to an individual once only.


In general the criteria by which applications will be judged include:

1. The quality, originality and significance of the proposed research;

2. The applicant's financial need - the status of the applicant (as full-time/part-time/unwaged) as well as the HDI rating of the applicant's country of residence.

3. The importance of attendance at the conference for furthering the music education contributions of the delegate concerned, and the likelihood of the applicant being unable to obtain funding from other sources.


Applications open in the early months of the conference year.

The Decision-making Process

The Awards are for first-time presenters only, so previous award recipients and previous presenters at ISME World Conference should not apply.

All applications will be considered by the ISME Awards Panel chaired by the President or nominee. Applicants will be informed normally within four weeks of the closing date of the outcome and must advise the panel in writing of their acceptance of an offer of award within 7 days of the receipt of the letter of award. The decision of the panel is final, and the Society regrets that it is unable to enter into any correspondence regarding its decision. Each application is treated individually on its merits; hence previous applicants are not precluded from applying (although previous recipients of awards are).

 Note: the name of this award was changed in 2020 to add the word 'presenter'.

Award Recipients At World Conference 2018

The following were the World Conference Award recipients in 2018:

Gillian Howell (Australia)
Iman Shah (Nepal)
Riju Tuladhar (Nepal)
Kushal Karki (Nepal)
John Shrestha (Nepal)
Kyna Elliott (USA)
László Stachó (Hungary)
Avril McLoughlin (Ireland)
Angie Mullins (South Africa)
Celeste M. Romulo (Philippines)
Katharina Loibner (Austria)
Lisa Burrell (USA)

Award Recipients At World Conference 2016

The following were the World Conference Award recipients in 2016:

Alla Toropova (Russia)
Anibal Martel Andrade (Peru)
Arthur Gill (Pakistan)
Erkan Sulun (Turkey)
Gertrude Bien Aime (Haiti)
Milca Maria Cavalanti de Paula (Brazil)
Nicole Canham (Australia)
Yen-Ting Wu (UK)

Further information

For further information, please contact the CEO at