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tribute to Zoltan laczo
Tribute to Professor Zoltán Laczó
31 Dec 2018
Caroline van Niekerk, Agnes Paldy and colleagues at the Hungarian Music Teachers Association

The passing away of Zoltan Laczó,  loyal and longstanding ISME member, the Honorary President of the Hungarian Music Teachers’ Association, came after the 2016 ISME World Conference. He had very much hoped to be at the conference in Glasgow but ill-health prevented this. The last conference he very much enjoyed was the one in Thessaloniki in 2012; the first he attended was decades before that.
Zoltan was president of the Hungarian Music Teachers’ Association between 2004 and 2010, and subsequently Honorary President of the Association.

For decades Zoltán Laczó was Professor of the Liszt Ferenc University of Music in Budapest, post-retirement  continued to work part-time for Pecs University.His outstanding research activity, extraordinary literacy, special style, shaded and incredibly accurate vocabulary made him notable among scholars and professors in the international stage. He was widely renown all over Europe, sought for his considerable expertise especially in the field of the psychology of music. At the same time he also travelled to the New World, as well as several times to Australia and South Africa - in both countries he acted as an invited lecturer and guest professor, and was hailed as a "post-Kodaly voice". Zoltán Laczó's books belong to the basic literature of the Hungarian music teacher education.  Numerous pedagogical writings and multitudes of his articles appeared on the pages of Hungarian and foreign journals on music pedagogy and psychology. As a lecturer of countless Hungarian and international conferences, he appeared as a speaker of Hungarian music pedagogy and Kodály, as a psychologist with pioneering research in mapping the transfer effects of the Kodály concept. Zoltán Laczó is internationally missed.