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Message from Sage Publishing, our journals partner
30 Mar 2020
Miriam Hodge, Senior Publishing Editor, Sage Publishing

Edited parts of an email from Miriam Hodge

Dear all

I’d like to share a few ways we are supporting the higher education teaching and research communities we serve as together we navigate this difficult time. We are committed to doing what we can to support you. We know that the work of the research community will be critical to addressing the challenge of COVID-19, and we have therefore taken a number of actions: 

  • We have removed the subscription gateway to articles that we believe will be of value to researchers and practitioners at this time. 
  • We have signed and committed to the Wellcome coordinated statement on Sharing research data and findings relevant to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  Should you have questions about how you can support this commitment, please let me know.
  • We have created and will maintain a microsite that highlights both social and behavioral sciences and medical sciences research on COVID-19 and more broadly on managing pandemics. 
  • We have collated a collection of blog posts on impacts for researchers, instructors, and the public in general on Social Science Space. 
  • We will publishing open access research relevant to the current pandemic as quickly as possible, moving it through production as fast as we can. 
  • We plan to further promote our free online SAGE Campus ‘How to Get Published’ course to support the global author community, many of whom are preparing articles for publication in remote and challenging circumstances.  

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SAGE has taken a number of steps to protect our staff, their families, the communities we live in, and the partners we work with, and to ensure the continuity of our business and of our service to our customers. Most SAGE staff in the UK, US and India are now working remotely to minimize risk of infection. We have invested in technology and training in recent years as part of our Business Continuity Planning that allows us to do this without major impact on our day to day capabilities or our usual service to you. 

All meetings that were previously in person will be carried out via video call or telephone to reduce transmission potential. We will not be attending any conferences until we are advised that travel and in person contact have become sufficiently low risk.

We wish good health to you, your family, and your friends and colleagues at this time. 

Best wishes,

Miriam Hodge
Senior Publishing Editor
SAGE Publishing