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ISME Student Chapter announced
07 Jul 2022
Jody Kerchner, Board member and Chair, Membership Committee. Ruth Currie, Convenor for Student Chapter Initiative.

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the ISME Student Chapter at the 23rd ISME World Conference to occur on Sunday, July 17, with ISME Past-President Susan O’Neill being the Guest of Honour.

There are six sessions dedicated to the Student Chapter, comprised of ISME members who are graduate students and/or early-career professionals.

The sessions are focused on professional skill development, sharing research ideas and projects, and networking with other ISME members.

Please share this information with those who might be interested. Conference day-passes are available for purchase.

Looking forward to greeting you and your students!

Jody Kerchner, ISME Board Member and Chair, Membership Committee
Ruth Currie, Convenor for Student Chapter Initiative

Here is the program:
Two events are on zoom and the rest are available through the conference platform. The two zoom sessions are open to all music education students, whether they are ISME members or conference delegates or neither. 
ISME Student Chapter Program
(noted in “Australian Eastern Standard Time,” AEST)
Session 1: Welcome Meeting/Official ISME Student Chapter Launch
Host: Ruth Currie, Jody Kerchner
Guests: Susan O’Neill, Emily Akuno, and Bo Wah Leung
Sunday, July 17 (AEST/Local), 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM:
See member email for zoom link.
Session 2: Q&A: Turning conference session into an article
Host: Jody Kerchner
Guest Presenters: Alex Ruthmann and Julie Ballantyne
Monday, July 18; Duration 90 minutes -
10.30am (AEST)  Channel 1 - World Conference program
Session 3: Networking 1: Sharing research ideas, identifying common topics/interests as a way to connect student members.
Hosts: Ruth Currie, Gabriele Schellenberg, & Sandra Oberoi
Guest Presenter: Lee Higgins
Tuesday, July 19; Duration 90 minutes -
2.00am (AEST) Channel 1  - World Conference program
Session 4: Q&A: The Many Ways of Being an ISME Member
Hosts: Alethea DeVilliers and Beverly Vaughn
Guest Presenters: Alethea DeVilliers,  Beverly Vaughn, & Chi Hin Leung
Wednesday, July 20; Duration 90 mins
Noon (AEST) Channel 1 - World Conference program
Session 5: Networking 2: Visions of ISME—Future Aspirations for ISME Student Chapter Engagement
Hosts: Flavia Cruvinel and Jody Kerchner
Guests: Patrick Schmidt
Thursday, July 21; Duration 90 mins
10.30am (AEST), Channel 5 - World Conference program
Session 6: Closing Meeting
Host:  Jody Kerchner
Guests: Bo Wah Leung, Emily Akuno, and the next ISME President-Elect
Friday, June 22: 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM (AEST)
See member email for zoom link.