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Members are invited to participate in the next phase of the development of the ISME 6-year strategic plan.

The member survey was part one. This consultation process is part two and invites direct and specific input about how ISME can better deliver on our three core values of advocacy, intercultural understanding and networking. The survey and this consultation will then be a key discussion at the Executive meeting in January 2020. From there the plan will be developed for presentation at the General Assembly in Helsinki in August 2020.

The purpose of the 6-year plan is that it will enable the Society to have a long term plan and each new president can smoothly transition into the role, as they pick up the plan from the previous president. It will also mean that the plan clearly and meaningfully includes the members voices - what you have asked for and need.

To reach the link to the consultation process you will need to log in to the ISME website and click here