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33rd ISME World Conference logo
33rd World Conference Website Launched
19 Jul 2017

The website for 33rd ISME World Conference to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in July 2018 has been launched.

The theme is life's journey through music:

Music is an essential part of the human condition. For people of all ages, music plays an important and impactful role in their life experiences. Whether for leisure, livelihood, escape, or survival music helps many of us make sense of who we are and where we are going. Our theme for the 2018 ISME world conference is Life’s Journey Through Music. This theme reflects the lifelong learning, lifespan development and life-changing nature of music in people’s lives around the world. Join us in Baku to explore, interrogate, and perform ideas related to music as an integral component of the world we inhabit today and our hope for the future.

As time goes by more content will be added to the website but already there is the outline conference schedule and tips for those who want to take 'the road less travelled' and attend. An online visa application resource has recently been launched and is very easy to use, say those who have used it already.

The calls for papers and performers will open on 1 August and close on 15 November 2017.

Registration will open on 1 October 2017.

Delegates will need to be a paid member of ISME in order to submit a paper and/or register and please note that registration (renewal of membership) and submission/registration can not be done at the same time. It's important to allow a few days for the registration (renewal of membership) to be processed before submitting/registering for the conference.