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Rowley, J., Reid, A., Bennett, D. (2022). Rewriting the score: How pre-professional musical work can develop student thinking. In H. Westerlund, H. Gaunt (Eds.), Expanding professionalism in music and higher music education, (pp. 59-73). New York: Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

Professor Jennifer Rowley currently lectures Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) at The University of Sydney and co-ordinates the professional placement program for SCM students into the Arts industry, regional conservatoriums and schools. She is particularly interested in the areas of identity development; gifted musicians’ talent development; and the impact of the electronic Portfolio for fostering enhanced work readiness. Jennifer is committed to musician’s professional learning and how individual cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural needs of all learners can be met in a diverse range of educational settings.