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Guadalupe López-Íñiguez (b. 1983) is a Spanish cellist and interdisciplinary researcher based in Finland. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Academy of Finland, and member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association for Psychology of Music and Musical Performance. She has received different awards as a researcher, presents her work regularly at international congresses, has been published in books and renowned academic journals, and serves as an expert for various journals and institutions. Guadalupe has performed as a soloist on modern, 19th-century, and baroque cellos in different festivals and key venues in Europe and the US. She has recorded for TV and radio, and her solo recordings have been critically acclaimed. Guadalupe works or has worked as a researcher in various well-funded collaborative research projects related to learning psychology and arts education across Europe. Her own artistic and scientific research comprises all her areas of expertise—namely educational psychology, historically informed performance, artistic research and research methodology—in understanding the holistic performance of classical music.