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Musicians Health and Wellness SIG
The Brazilian pianist Carina Joly holds a DMA in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma (USA) and she has developed post-graduate studies in Music Physiology at the Zurich University of the Arts (Switzerland). Her passionate interest in interdisciplinary research on prevention of injuries in musicians shaped her pedagogical principles, which emphasize postural alignment and ergonomics applied to music performance techniques. Besides performing and teaching, Dr. Joly has been actively coaching musicians and music teachers on how to incorporate preventive measures into their playing/singing/conducting and teaching activities. Due to her interest in music education and neuroscience, recently she started a specialization in neuropsichology at the Federal University of São Paulo. She supports a consequent reform in music performance pedagogy for the improvement of musicians’ accessibility towards a lifelong healthy playing experience. Since 2011, she has presented in numerous international conferences and has appeared as a master class artist, clinician, guest speaker and postural consultant in Brazil, Peru, the US, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia and Switzerland.