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ISME has different types of paid membership: 

  • Individual,
  • Student (full-time students and for a maximum of three regisration periods) 
  • Group membership.

Each membership runs for two calendar years from January to December. The fee to become a member depends on the country in which you are based and, for group members, the size of the group.

Honorary Life Membership is bestowed upon individuals who are recognised for their dedication to the Society and to music education

On joining you can create your own membership profile, including the particular areas of ISME work in which you have an interest. You choose whether or not to make your profile public to all ISME members or to only share your details with the ISME administration and co-ordinators of the Commissions or Special Interest Groups which represent your interests. 

Member benefits

  • Only individual (including student and retired) members can register for the ISME conferences
  • Eight copies of IJME (International Journal of Music Education) (four per annum) published by SAGE Publications.
  • Online access for all ISME Individual Members to IJME.
  • Monthly editions of the ISME Newsletter plus regular electronic Postcards.
  • The latest information on events around the world, in particular the ISME World and Regional Conferences.
  • Online access to resources for members (augmented daily!)

Note: anyone wanting just an IJME subscription should contact SAGE Publications.

Membership fees structure

Very High HDI

  • Individual Membership US$205.00
  • Student Membership US$45.00
  • Retired Membership US$102
  • Group membership US$203.00 to US$437.00 (depending on number of members)

High HDI

  • Individual Membership US$155.00
  • Student Membership US$45.00
  • Retired Membership US$77
  • Group membership US$146.00 to US$332.00 (depending on number of members)

Medium HDI

  • Individual Membership US$108.00
  • Student Membership US$42.00
  • Retired Membership US$54
  • Group membership US$57.00 to US$218.00 (depending on number of members)


  • Individual Membership US$24.00
  • Student Membership US$ 24.00
  • Retired Membership US$12.00
  • Group membership US$29.00 to US$62.00 (depending on number of members)

Payment for membership is accepted online, using Paypal, the world's leading online payment technology. ISME does not store any credit card details and/or other personal financial information (just your name and address so that you can receive your copies of IJME).

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