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ISME is grateful to its current sponsors for the assistance given to carry out activity to further music education generally and to help specific projects and individuals. There will always be scope for additional sponsorship to enhance the developmental work undertaken by the Society.


ISME World Conference

Every two years ISME mounts a major World Conference on Music Education in a different location, geographically positioned and rotated so as to best reflect the society's multi-cultural membership around the globe. These prestigious conferences offer excellent opportunities for philanthropists and caring corporate donors to gain international recognition for demonstrating the value they place on support for the arts and balanced education in the one art form that can help achieve world peace and bring benefit and pleasure to all, lifelong.
Specific opportunities for the 2016 conference can be found here.


Regional Conferences

In the years between the World Conferences ISME is pleased to support regional conferences across the world that share ISME's distinctive mission to promote high quality music education nationally, regionally and internationally. These are currently in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America with an Indian Regional Conference to be supported for the first time in 2017. Please contact Angela Ruggles, the Secretary General, at isme@isme.org to discuss opportunities for sponsorship of these regional conferences

ISME development work 

Sponsorships do not have to be related to conference activities – any ongoing support for music education across the globe will also be highly welcomed. ISME supports music education people and projects which aim to improve access to high quality music education for disadvantaged groups across the world. ISME also sponsors individuals whose work in music education would benefit from the professional development and networking opportunities afforded by attendance at a World Conference. Please contact Angela Ruggles, the Secretary General, at isme@isme.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities for ongoing project work or for individuals. 

Current Sponsors

We are grateful to the following sponsors for their generous support to ISME: