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The Jazz SIG facilitates the sharing of resources and professional contacts and helps establish and promote jazz programs in schools, conservatories and universities. The Jazz SIG includes jazz in vocal, instrumental and general music contexts, and research related to jazz and improvisation. The SIG successfully hosted a number of jazz related sessions and concerts at ISME in 2012.

After the conference, leadership of the SIG was transferred from Kim McCord to Martin Norgaard due to Kim’s selection to the ISME board.

The jazz SIG will host over 30 sessions and 10 concerts at the 2016 ISME conference in Glasgow. In addition, the Jazz SIG will co-sponsor the keynote speaker, Randy Weston, a world famous jazz pianist.

We invite all interested participants to attend a special meeting of the Jazz SIG during the Glasgow conference where we will select a new chair and set goals for future activities of the SIG.