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01.06.2014 | Publications
Why Play Music - Adults
NAMM Foundation looks at evidence of the benefits of music for adults.
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01.02.2014 | Publications
MISTEC newsletter February 2014
Featuring updates on ISME's anniversary activity, celebrating the history of MISTEC, update on the African Music Education Project and on...
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01.01.2014 | Publications
World Conference 2014 Abstracts
31st ISME World Conference on Music Education: Listening to the musical diversity of the world. Conference abstracts.
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30.10.2013 | Publications
Special Education Commission Newsletter Fall 2013
Featuring reminders about the paper sub-mission process, updates in the developing plans for our commission meeting, as well as some...
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06.09.2013 | Publications
Actas ISME Chile 2013
Actas 9a Conferencia Latinoamericana y 2a Panamericana de la Sociedad Internacional de Educación Musical, ISME.
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01.07.2013 | Publications
Special Education Commission Newsletter July 2013
Featuring information about upcoming international music therapy conferences, several useful resources, and commission news.
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01.01.2013 | Publications
The 2013 ISME Pan-African Regional Conference
The Organising Committee is seeking submissions for presentations at this conference.
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01.12.2012 | Publications
Special Education Commission Newsletter December 2012
Featuring an overview of ISME- for those of our readers new to our organization; a summary of our successful commission...
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15.07.2012 | Publications
ISME 30th World Conference
2012 conference Information Booklet. ISME 30th World Conference on Music Education Thessaloniki, Greece 15-20 July 2012
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