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11.02.2016 | Publications
ISME 2012 General Sessions
ISME 30th World Conference on Music Education Final General Sessions' Timetable.
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12.12.2015 | Publications
Arts in Early Childhood
Benefits of arts participation - particularly for children with autism
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20.10.2015 | Publications
Associations between early shared music activities in the home and later child outcomes
Associations between early shared music activities in the home and later child outcomes: Findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian...
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29.07.2015 | Publications
How Creativity Works in the Brain
What are the links between brain function and creativity? How can this knowledge affect the way we learn, work, and...
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10.02.2015 | Publications
The Power of Music
The Power of Music - a research synthesis on the impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social, and...
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14.07.2014 | Publications
2014 CMA guide Brazil
ISME Community Music Activity Commission 14th International Seminar 15-18 July 2014
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01.06.2014 | Publications
Why Play Music - Adults
NAMM Foundation looks at evidence of the benefits of music for adults.
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01.02.2014 | Publications
MISTEC newsletter February 2014
Featuring updates on ISME's anniversary activity, celebrating the history of MISTEC, update on the African Music Education Project and on...
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01.01.2014 | Publications
World Conference 2014 Abstracts
31st ISME World Conference on Music Education: Listening to the musical diversity of the world. Conference abstracts.
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