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Head containing cogs and with musical notes pouring out as if thoughts
31.12.2018 | News
A report from the ISME Commission for Research.
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Routledge logo
14.01.2019 | News
Congratulations to Routledge book winners
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tribute to Zoltan laczo
31.12.2018 | News
Tribute to Professor Zoltán Laczó
Tribute to Zoltan Laczo, influential and respected music educator from Hungary
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Hands all bumping together as a team
30.12.2018 | News
Can you help? Help to shape how ISME works on a day to day basis
Looking for assistance in helping to shape how ISME works. Can you spare some time?
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13.12.2018 | News
End of 2018 seasons greetings from the President
ISME President, Susan O'Neill, wishes members peace and joy for the holidays and reflects on the year just past.
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Images of various music being performed
30.11.2018 | News
2018 grant recipients announced
The well deserved recipients have been announced for the 2018 grants round. Congratulations to them all.
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Clifford Madsen
27.11.2018 | News
Clifford Madsen: Honorary Life Member
Clifford Madsen is awarded an honorary life membership by ISME
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