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We hear you! Yes, it's been a last minute rush and some people are having problems with the technology and have asked for an extension. So we have extended the call for submissions for one more week. That is then it... we can extend no further.

Submissions now close at 11.59pm US Pacific Time on 8th October 2019.

Go here to submit.

Some tips:

  • You must be a current ISME member
  • If you are not, you can join or renew by going here, but allow about 30 minutes for the membership to register in the system before trying to set up your account in the conference website
  • If you have not been into the conference system before you will need to set up an account first by clicking on Create Account. After that you use the Log In boxes
  • When setting up your account in the conference website you must use the exact same last name as you have used on your ISME membership
  • You must also use the exact same email address as this email has arrived at
  • Be careful not to add any extra spaces or carriage returns, especially at the end of the typing in each box
  • Don't use diacritics such as accents, circumflex, umlauts etc
  • Only use Western script characters - if you are using a Chinese or Cyrillic keyboard (for example) be careful to use Western letters only
  • If you can't make it work on your iPhone or iPad, try it on a desktop computer or Android device
  • Set up your account NOW. Most people are getting held up with setting up their account, so get this done early. You can add your submission at any time up to the new deadline. You can also load your submission as a draft. It won't submit until you hit the button that says SUBMIT
  • Read the submission guidelines carefully before you start to submit, in particular in respect to word count, references and keywords. Note: references are NOT included in the word count.

To check what 11.59pm US Pacific Time (Seattle, Los Angeles) on 8 October is in your local timezone, check here on World Time Buddy.

Don't leave it to the last second. There will be no further extension. Here is where to email for help:

  • Questions about ISME membership:  Annette Pearce in the ISME office in Melbourne, Australia
  • Questions about the technology of the submissions system: Riika Louhivuori at Confedent (conference organiser) in Helsinki, Finland
  • Questions about the submission itself: Andrea Creech, Chair of the Scientific Committee, in Toronto, Canada

You need to allow for their time zones.

One extra week? You now have no excuse for not submitting!