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ISME announces a new book reviews service
18 Jun 2018
Smaragda Chrysostomou Chair of Publications Committee

ISME is very pleased to announce the launch of ISME book reviews.

Music teachers, music educators, researchers, students, as well as anyone working, studying, playing or in any way coming into contact with music in different environments, are in need of information and materials that could potentially assist them. Access to online (or physical) books is not always easy and abstracts and lists of chapters does not always suffice. For many people, finding out substantial information about new, as well as not so new but important publications, is often an arduous task. Not everyone has access to libraries or large bookstores and many libraries around the world have very limited resources. ISME book reviews has been established in order to provide valuable information to all (not only ISME members).

ISME book reviews are expected to be long enough to offer information on the content and purpose of the book as well as its usefulness. ISME members can review books (single-author, edited works, etc.) that they have read and found helpful for their work, thinking, teaching and research. Books reviewed do not have to be written by ISME members.

Staying informed is part of and necessary for professional development. However, limited resources often mean that we have to choose carefully which book to add to our collection. A personal review from a colleague who has found the book pertinent to their work and an explanation of what they found valuable can help us to make informed choices. And a review by a colleague from another country can open up new ideas for our thinking and practice.

I urge you to consider submitting a book review and shariing your views about the latest book that you have read. Your review will help colleagues from around the world discover its importance.
And a launching offer!
Are you interested in reviewing Design and Analysis for Quantitative Research in Music Education by Peter Miksza and Kenneth Elpus, published in 2018 by Oxford University Press?

You will receive a free copy of the book and will have 40 days to prepare your review. Please send a short CV and a paragraph explaining why you are interested in doing this review to

For more information on how to submit a review as well as its content and size please refer to the guidelines on the ISME website.
Benefits for ISME members from Routledge
Don't forget, our partnership with Routledge brings many benefits for ISME members, including free access to a number of e-books (limited time offer) as well as substantial discounts for purchases. Take advantage of these offers and share your views of the book you read by writing an ISME book review for our site. 
Smaragda Chrysostomou
Chair of Publications Committee