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35th ISME World Conference update
11 Jan 2020

ISME WORLD CONFERENCE WEBSITE IS HERE including the call for submissions and the call for performers


 Planning meeting update

18 May 2021

The logistics for the conference and pre-conference seminars are now well advanced. The calls for submissions and performers for the world conference and the calls for submissions for the pre-conference seminars are now open. The focus has moved to developing the elements of the program that aren't sourced from the submissions. First action point has been identifying keynote speakers to share a range of views from around the world. There is an inspiring and exciting list which is now being whittled down to the four spaces available in the program. Second action point has been looking at the opportunities for live performances and how to add them to the program. The next meeting will look at the online content. The conference is currently being planned in three formats: face to face, online only, and hybrid. There is a strong view that online elements need to be engaging and interactive, and the Brisbane Conference Organising Group is now exploring best practice to see what we can learn and borrow.

 Brisbane Conference Organising Committee announced

19 March 2021

Every ISME World Conference has a dedicated conference organising committee and Brisbane is no exception.

The committee has met twice and is currently inviting and inducting new members. The following have accepted:

The chair is Scott Harrison, Pro Vice Chancellor of the Arts Education and Law Group and South Bank Provost at Griffith University, Brisbane. For many years he was the head of the Queensland Conservatorium. 

Supporting Scott are:

ISME President, Emily Akuno, is also a member of the Brisbane COG.

 Theme announced

31 December 2020

ISME, is committed to serving all members through a three-fold value statement that connects Networking, International and Intercultural Understanding and Co-operation and Advocacy. In the 2020-2022 biennium, these three pillars will anchor various interventions by the Society through its members to position music education in all its facets as a primary mover in human and economic development undertakings.

To drive this work, the President adapts a moto and slogan for the world conference that will underpin all actions in a bid to ensure consolidation of resources and integration of what the various arms of the society do for efficacy and to attain the highest value possible in all activities.

For the 35th ISME World Conference the theme will be:

A Visible Voice

ISME President Emily Akuno explains this as follows:
This slogan speaks to diverse situations in community engagement, of which (music) education is a key facilitator.

  • Voice – Music is sound, and hence audible. The voice is also a reference for opinion, position, perception. Through this, ISME provides its members, no matter their station, an opportunity to be heard, because every experience is valid and has something to contribute to ISME’s global agenda of enhancing human lives through quality music education.
  • Visibility – This provides continuity from the previous biennium’s voices of equity. This will be unpacked globally and at personal levels. How does what we do make a difference to both the university professor and the kindergarten teacher, whose application of or approach to music in class are as different as day and night? Can we find space for a traditional folk song and narrative in the classroom the way we do with high art orchestral pieces of music? If we are to attain intercultural understanding, we must be willing to ‘see’ the different voices that ‘music’ presents.

The call for papers will open around March.

Conference team annnounced:

2 December 2020

Every conference needs a dedicated team to bring it to fruition and the ISME world conferences are no different. They are huge projects that take up to four years to plan and implement.  We are pleased to announce the team for the 35th ISME World Conference is as follows:

  • Brisbane Conference Organising Group (BCOG) which looks after conference content, which includes the opening and closing ceremonies, keynote speakers and the concert program. We are very pleased to announce that the chair of the BCOG is Professor Scott Harrison, Pro Vice Chancellor of the Arts, Education and Law Group, Griffith University, Brisbane. Many will know him from his tenure as Dean of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.
  • Andrea Creech returns as Chair of the Scientific Committee. Andrea's position is for three world conferences and this is her second. She will once again be assembling a team to review the submissions for the world conference.
  • ISME Executive Team: under the leadership of President Emily Akuno, the ISME Executive Team is Past President Susan O'Neill, President Elect Bo Wah Leung, Board member Jody Kerchner and Board member Roger Mantie.
  • Arinex will be the professional conference organiser (PCO) which looks after the logistics of the event, from managing the online submission of papers to ensuring enough chairs are in each room at the right time. 
  • ISME Management Team: CEO Ian Harvey, Finance Officer Annette Pearce, Communications Officer Sara Hood and Support Officer Kerry Rees

Everyone at the first three bullet points is a volunteer and ISME thanks them for the time, expertise and commitment they bring.

The call for papers will open in the first quarter of 2021.


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