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Professor Gainza has always been a pioneer in the field of music education in Argentina, for she has explored new conceptions and practices in musical education. Her seminal written works of the sixties prove this right. She has prepared the way for the forthcoming generations through both her prolific written work and her private and official activity as a teacher.
It is necessary to highlight that she has worked for more than sixteen years as chairperson of the ISME Commission of Music Therapy (from 1974 to 1986) and as a member of the ISME Board (from 1986 to 1990) in an outstanding way. Furthermore, she is the editor of the Spanish version of the ISME Yearbook.
She has been given the Konex award in Classical Music, one of the most important prizes in Argentina, for her relevant career, and the Golden Medalof the Peña "El Cardón" in her native province, Tucumán.
She has had a position as Professor in different Universities and Conservatories of our country. She is frequently quoted in research papers from different countries of Latin America.
This nomination is strongly deserved for Violeta has portrayed the paradigms of the new age: bright and open-minded, great musical development together with a visionary approach to the multicultural and democratic world.
Her activity includes:
•the translation, edition and preface of seminal pedagogical works from the twentieth century such as Edgard Willems‚ and Murray Schafer's books;
•the promotion of the ideas from experts belonging to other disciplines that could enrich musical education. Her books on Gerda Alexander's Eutonía and Patricia Stokoe's Corporal Expression, the Ezequiel Ander Egg's Cultural Development and the Eduardo Tato Pavlovsky's Psychology and Therapy prove this right;
•the promotion of values many times forgotten in our culture through more than ten excellent recompilations of popular children games and tunes from Argentina and Latin America;
•the promotion of young talented musicians from Argentina whose musical compositions are included in the edition of her books Musica para niños escrita por niños, Chop Sticks and Pedagogía musical en vivo, in which Violeta shares the musical activity with a child pianist of nine years old;
•the foundation of pedagogical organizations such as the Sociedad Argentina de Educación Musical, which is member of ISME and official representative in Argentina;
•the Asociación Argentina de Musicoterapia; and more recently,
•the Foro Latinoamericano de Educación Musical (FLADEM) which she actually presides and that supports the development of musical education in Latin American countries.

She has been invited by very important academic institutions from all over the world and her books have been translated into Italian, French, English, Portuguese and Dutch. Her book La improvisación musical is included as bibliography in the Conservatories of Holland.