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Prof. Dr. Uğur ALPAGUT Uğur Alpagut, was born in Ankara on 22.02.1962. He completed undergraduate education in Department of Music Education at Gazi University in 1984. During 1988-1994, he managed the services of being "Music History and Theory" Academician in Bilkent University, Music and Scene Arts Faculty and Music Preparation School Assistant Manager together. Many people have interested its book titled "Who Closed That Music?" which is composed by the music home works of the student from the different departments of Bilkent University. In 2011, his book titled as "the Trace of Atatürk in Handling Music Problems" published in Science and Utopia Library. Also in 2015, his master's and doctoral thesis was published as a book. He delivered various post graduate lectures mainly in violin education in the Department of Music Education in Abant İzzet Baysal University where he took office in 1994. Alpagut, taking effective charges in this organization since its foundation, has granted the degree of professorship in 2011. Since 2003, he has also been invited to many special art programs in Turkey and abroad such as the United States, France, Germany, Australia, China, Canada, Hungary, Macedonia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria and Jordan, with Anatolia Sun Music Band of which he is the founder and art director. Alpagut has participated to 2006 Kuala Lumpur ISME World Conference (with Anatolian Sun), 2008 Bologna ISME World Conference, 2010 Beijing ISME World Conference (with Anatolian Sun), 2012 Thessalonica and 2014 Porto Alegre ISME World Conference as group leader/performer or delegate. Putting his sign under successful works in Music Education field through his academic researches and artistic applications, Prof. Dr. Uğur Alpagut, has been assigned as a Member of Board Directors and Secretary of International Relations of MÜZED (The Music Educators Society of Türkiye) since June 2012. Curriculum vitae • Date of birth: 22 February 1962, Ankara. • ISME member since 2006. • Completed Master's degree in 1989 with thesis: Metric, Rhythmic, Harmonic and Dynamic Structures in Violin Works and Their Reflections on Bow's Use, from Gazi University Institute of Science. • Received ‘Proficiency in Art’ degree in 1991. • Awarded PhD in 2001 for thesis titled Reflection of the Turkish Folk Music in the Teaching of Music Education through Violin Education, Gazi University Institute of Science. • Lecturer in History and Theory of Music at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent, the first private university renowned for training artists, and other relevant topics. Also Deputy Director of Music. Preparatory School, 1988-1994. • Published Who turned off the music?, compiled from music projects prepared by students from various departments in Bilkent University. • Published book titled The Tracks of Atatürk in View of Music Problems in the Library of Science and Utopia, 2010. • Since 1994 working at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University in Bolu – a young and dynamic university acting as a bridge between Ankara and Istanbul. • Founder, Anatolian Sun Ensemble. • Concert performances as a violinist in many countries and at ISME World Conferences. • Elected to the ISME Board of Directors 2016-2018 Biennium. (Glasgow) Elected to the ISME Board of Directors Second Time 2018-2020 Biennium (Baku) • Contributed to the International Silk Road Music Conference three times, as Co-Chair and President. • 33th ISME World Conference Chair, Baku 2018, and ISME Turkic World Representative. • Organiser of ISME 2019 Istanbul Legacy Conference, hosted by Istanbul Technical University and MUZED. • Board Member, MÜZED (Association of Music Educators) and Secretary of International Relations and Secretary General of TURKMEB (Turkic World Music Education Association). Personal statement As a prospective ISME Board 2018-2020 member I plan to make the following contributions: 1. Organise the first ISME Global conference on worldwide peace and culture in order to impact Eurasia and the Middle East by leveraging my experience and organizational skills. I wish to offer support and data to the ISME Executive Committee and to generate and implement ideas, also assuming practical responsibilities. 2. As the Secretary General of the Turkic World Music Educators Association (TURKMEB), play an instrumental role in strengthening the relations between ISME and the Turkic Republics, contributing to the promotion of ISME across the (thus far) underrepresented vast region stretching from Turkey to China. 3. Foster links between different music professional associations/institutions and other persons/entities to ensure direct interaction with ISME. 4. Expand the ISME mission and vision across Turkey and the Turkic world, creating a tradition through lasting relations.