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Multicultural music education Applied Ethnomusicology Cultural and Development
Expertise and Public Engagement Nantida is currently the head of a research project titled “Learning Management through Cultural Diversity for Children, Youths and Community”, funded by The Thailand Research Fund (TRF). She was also a researcher of the “Research for Developing a Multicultural-based Learning Model for the Elementary Level Music Subject of the Thai Basic Education Curriculum”. This project was set up to develop lesson plans, activities, teaching tools and evaluation methods for music teachers. As a pilot-curriculum model in Thailand, it pays particular attention to cross-cultural understanding for helping Thai children gain a sense of cultural conceptualization and the skills necessary for growing up in a racially, religiously, and culturally diverse society. She is also interested in music of local ethnic groups and works on participatory action research of musical learning management for the sustainable preservation of the community’s cultural heritage with the Sea Gypsy ethnic group, and helps to foster intercultural understanding between outsiders and ethnic groups. The goal of this work is to be able to better understand multiple cultures in order to reduce ethnic and cultural prejudices. Her other work relates to multicultural music education models for the classroom training and cultural competency training for Thai teachers and youth. She has published articles on music education including community cultural development and education issues.


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