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Commissioner (for Europe) of the ISME Research Commission (2016-2022)
Marcelo Giglio (PhD) is Professor of Creativities and Collaborations in Education at the University of Teacher Education HEP-BEJUNE and Lecturer in the Institute of Psychology and Education, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He has taught music to children in Argentina and Switzerland (preschool, primary, secondary and conservatories of music) Author of three books and several articles in different languages, Giglio is known in educational circles for his works on music education, reflective and creative collaboration in the classroom, teacher-students relationship in creative settings, and teacher training transformations during educational changes. He embodies the rare combination of educational researcher, theorist with school experiences and training. During the past years, Giglio and colleagues have been involved in the design of flexible and creative pedagogical sequences and in the studies on the creative and collaborative learning; the teacher practices; and the new methods to achieve more creative curriculum, teaching, teacher education, and research. Books: Giglio, M., Matthey, M.-P., & Melfi, G. (2014). Réactions des formateurs d’enseignants à un nouveau curriculum scolaire. Bienne : Ed. HEP-BEJUNE. Giglio, M. (2013). Cuando la colaboración creativa cambia la forma de enseñar. Santander: Publicaciones Universidad Cantabria. Giglio, M. (2015). Creative Collaboration in Teaching. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Giglio, M., & Arcidiacono, F. (2017). Les interactions sociales en classe : réflexions et perspectives. Bern: Peter Lang