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Commissioner, Early Childhood Music Education Commission
Dr Jose Retra received her PhD in Education, specialising in Early Chilhood Music Education from the University of Exeter (UK) in 2010. She holds an MA in Psychology for Musicians from the University of Sheffield (UK), a Bachelor in general pedagogy (Nijmegen, NL) and a B.Mus. in piano from the conservatory of Arnhem (NL). She has presented her research at international conferences. Her research interests are music educational and compositional aspects of concerts for children 0-4, musical movement and temporal representation, and philosophy of preschool music education. She formed a research group with early childhood music educators/researchers to engage in joint research connected to practice resulting in workable outcomes for practice, using dialogue as the main mode of inquiry. Active as a preschool music education specialist, she teaches at the Art centre in Woerden. Together with a colleague she has established a preschool music education centre in Amsterdam. She frequently gives workshops and lectures on different subjects in preschool music education. As a composer she has written concert music and music for film and tv. She is presently very active as a composer/arranger of music for young children. www.ecmecommission.nl www.preschoolmusiceducation.org www.joseretra.com