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Dr James C. Carlsen, Professor Emeritus of the University of Washington, is recognized throughout the world for his leadership in the field of psychomusicology. He established the graduate program in Systematic Musicology at the University of Washington in 1968. He has worked throughout his career to help advance the field of knowledge in perception and cognition particularly as it relates to practice in music education. His many articles and papers challenge us to develop a sound theory of music education based on what is known about factors which contribute to music learning. Dr Carlsen served as editor of the Journal of Research in Music Education and on the editorial committee of Psychomusicology. He has exercised key leadership roles in the Society for Research in Music Education of the Music Educator's National Conference, the College Music Society, and the ISME Research Commission of which he is a founding member and past chair. He is a recipient of a Danforth Fellowship and of the Senior Researcher Award of the Music Educators National Conference - awarded for a lifetime of contribution to research in music education. In addition to his leadership and research expertise, Dr Carlsen is perhaps best loved as a friend and as a teacher. His lectures on research are known for their substance, insight, clarity, and wonderful humour. He has served as a visiting lecturer at universities throughout the United States and in Hungary, Germany, Norway, Japan, Argentina, England, and has been invited this year to Spain. It is fitting that ISME grant him honorary life membership in recognition of his many contributions.