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Eckart Altenmüller holds a Masters degree in Classical flute, and a MD and PhD degree in Neurology and Neurophysiology. Since 1994 he has been chair and director of the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine at the University of Music and Drama in Hannover, Germany. He continues research into the neurobiology of emotions and into movement disorders in musicians as well as motor, auditory and sensory learning. In his outpatient clinic he sees 500 musicians a year, mostly suffering from movement disorders such as focal dystonia, focal tremor or from chronic pain syndromes. During the last ten years he has received 20 grants from the German Research Society (DFG). He is currently Vice President of the German Society of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine and Member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences. He is also co-editor of the book, Music, Motor Control and the Brain.