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Don DeVito was the 2010-2012 chair of the ISME Commission for Community Music Activity and was the music and special education teacher of the Sidney Lanier Center for students with disabilities from 2001 to 2017. He currently teaches at the Rawlings Elementary Center for Fine Arts developing approaches in cultural relevancy and inclusion. Rawlings CFA is linked in person and Skype with ISME members and music programs in low HDI countries internationally through music research and cooperative development for underserved populations. DeVito was the CEC 2011 national teacher of the year for special education in the U.S and presents and publishes extensively in ISME proceedings. He organized “DIScoveringABILITIES”, a performance that linked his students inclusively with ISME practitioners from multiple countries in Carnegie Hall. In 2012 DeVito organized the first inclusive music performance in the China Conservatory with Phil Mullen (ISME board). He is currently creating a music program at the Notre Maison Orphanage in Haiti, one of the few to accommodate children with disabilities and a cofounder of the Haitian Center for Inclusive Education.


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