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 ISME Routledge series: Global perspectives in music education

In 2017, ISME partnered with Routledge to create two new book series on global perspectives in music education.


The two series offer a focused conduit through which members of ISME and their colleagues can publish scholarly and instructional work.

The series reflect domains in which the global ISME membership engages, promising a cohesive body of work that aligns with the mission of the Society and is resonant of scholarship, practice and research undertaken in its name. To be included in, contribute to and/or submit a proposal, authors must be, or must become, a member of ISME.

Series 1: Themes

Series one reflects topics of broad and critical interest to music education. The themes are fluid, changing with time and responding to the contemporary issues and need of music educators worldwide. Themes might include, for example, music advocacy, music careers, or the role of music in times of conflict. The editors welcome proposals which address boundaried work and new areas of interest.

Series 2: Areas

Series two explores areas of music education reflected through the ISME commissions, forum and standing committee. The designated areas are well established within the Society, with renowned experts already leading cutting-edge research, scholarship and educational change.

Themes might include, for example, music advocacy, music careers, or the role of music in times of confAreas explored by our membership are listed below.
The Commissions:

  • Research Commission
  • Community Music Activity Commission (CMA)
  • Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ECME)
  • Education of the Professional Musician Commission (CEPROM)
  • Commission on Policy: Culture, Education and Media
  • Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC)
  • Music in Special Education and Music Therapy Commission

The Forum:

  • ISME Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Teaching

The standing committee:

  • History Committee

The special interest groups:

  1. Assessment, measurement and evaluation
  2. Popular music
  3. Applied pedagogies
  4. Spirituality
  5. Integrated music education
  6. Jazz
  7. Sistema
  8. Music technology
  9. Musicians’ health and wellbeing
  10. Musicians’ careers and career preparation
  11. Social justice in and through music


Each volume takes one of three forms:

  1. Scholarship: a collection of chapters focused on the theme or aspect of the theme
  2. Instructional: a book aimed at the professional music educator providing an essential resource for practitioners
  3. A short monograph (40,000 words) addressing a key theme or area of our times. Collaborative, cross-field investigations are encouraged


Proposals are invited from ISME members. The proposal document is below for download as a PDF. There is also a copy of the reviewer questionnaire and author guidelines.


Questions should be directed by email to the senior editor, Dawn Bennett. 




ISME Routledge Book series reviewer questionnaire Download
ISME Routledge Book series author guidelines Download
ISME Routledge series proposal guidelines Download