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An INA is a national organization or institution engaged in music education activities which has open membership to any music educator in the nation; recognized national status; and a vision or mission which supports ISME's mission.

What is an ISME National Affiliate (INA)?

An INA is a national organization or institution engaged in music educational activities with open membership to any music educator in the nation, has recognized national status and a vision or mission which supports ISME's mission.

An INA is an ISME Group Member that has been granted the status of INA by the ISME Board of Directors for a defined term. A group member’s INA status will continue unless and until there is a request for a review. An INA has certain privileges, duties and responsibilities:

  1. Each INA has the right to use the phrase "representing ISME in [name of nation]".
  2. At ISME conferences and other appropriate opportunities INA representatives will meet together and with Board members in special focus sessions to discuss common problems and issues.
  3. An INA has a special profile on the ISME website and a link to its own website.
  4. An INA will be consulted on ISME projects and developments relevant to its geographical region.
  5. An INA has the right to apply to host ISME conferences and seminars and will be consulted if any person or organization applies to host conferences or seminars relevant to its geographical region.
  6. An INA is encouraged to provide information to be included in ISME communications media as appropriate, and will be given display opportunities at ISME World Conferences.
  7. An INA agrees to promote ISME in the nation and to pass on information to all ISME members in the nation and/or via the ISME International Office as appropriate.
  8. An INA agrees to contribute to ISME international projects by providing advice, contacts, personnel and materials whenever possible.
  9. An INA agrees to a) elect a representative to the INA Council and b) to abide by the INA Council’s Terms of Reference.

The Vision for INAs

The current ISME Board wishes to increase the contact between ISME and INAs and work closer with the INAs. The goal is for ISME to be able to offer as much as possible to the INAs and the INAs to ISME.

Since ISME is interested in promoting communication between music educators nationally as well as internationally there are several ways of closer collaboration between ISME and the INAs, as well as between the INAs.

This kind of collaboration among other things could be beneficial as to enrich each country's knowledge about music education. It could lead to exchange research results with each other, gather and circulate information about announcements and news from the INAs about different music education research programs, conduct research projects between researchers from different countries, exchange publications, national curricula, teaching strategies, textbooks and other educational material with each other.

ISME National Affiliates

For more information about any of the INAs click on the link to their website or view their profile below

Argentina: Asociacion de Docentes de Musica (ADOMU) 

Australia: Australian Society of Music Education (ASME) PDF iconProfile document

Brazil: Brazilian Association of Music Education

Canada: Canadian Music Educators' Association  PDF iconProfile document


Finland: Finnish Society of Music Education (FiSME)

Greece: Greek Society for Music Education (GSME) PDF icon Profile document

Hungary: Hungarian Music Council

Ireland: Society for Music Education in Ireland

Italy: Society for Italian Education in Music

Japan: Japanese Society of Music Education (JSME)

Netherlands: Dutch Association for Music Education  PDF iconProfile document

New Zealand: Music Education New Zealand / Aoteroa (MENZA)  PDF iconProfile document

Norway: Norwegian Musician's Union

Portugal: Portuguese Association of Music Education

Russian Federation: Russian Federation Society for Music Education 


South Africa: South African Society of Music Teachers

Spain: Spanish Society for Music Education  PDF iconProfile document

Turkey: Music Education Society of Turkey

United Kingdom: Music Education Council (MEC) PDF iconProfile document

United States of America: National Association for Music Education (NAfME)  

Becoming an INA

An ISME Group Member can apply to become an INA at any time by sending the required information to the Secretary General at isme@isme.org  The required information for an application can be downloaded below.

How to apply to become an ISME National Affiliate Download