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Greetings from ISME!

International Society of Music Education (ISME) is the premiere international organization for music education. ISME believes that everyone has a right to music education, and we respect musical traditions from all cultures. ISME is affiliated to UNESCO and the International Music Council.

Our mission is as follows:

  • Building and maintaining a worldwide community of music educators characterised by mutual respect and support

  • Fostering global intercultural understanding and cooperation among the world's music educators

  • Promoting music education for people of all ages in all relevant situations throughout the world

We thus invite music students from your institution to attend the second ISME Student Chapter Workshop. This is a FREE ONLINE EVENT, happening on May 17 @ 11-12:30 (UTC), targeted at graduate/post-graduate/doctoral students who are interested in research in music education.  In the future we will be conducting many more workshops and conferences – both regional and international – which will be beneficial for students and early career professionals in music education, so do consider becoming an ISME member! 

The host for the event is:

Jody L. Kerchner, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education, Oberlin College/Conservatory of Music
Director, Pedagogy/Advocacy/Community Engagement (PACE) Division

Interested participants may register here:  

For enquiries, please write to

Full Link (if needed)


Student Chapter Workshop Flyer Download