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Under the platform of the Membership Standing Committee, the Student Chapter’s mission is to:

  1. Connect students of ISME and foster lifelong partnerships and cooperation across cultures and disciplines.

  2. Support the growth of the ISME student body through education, guidance, and mentorship from peers and professionals alike.

  3. Inspire the next generation(s) of music and music education researchers in order to fulfill ISME’s broader mission for the future of music academia.

About the Student Chapter

The ISME Student Chapter was established with the purpose of providing support and guidance to the early-career development of student music researchers and educators. Representing a substantial portion of the ISME membership, the student body constitutes a valuable segment of the Society and is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of music education and research.

In line with its objectives of Connecting, Supporting, and Inspiring ISME's student members, the Student Chapter organizes Workshops aimed at enhancing the professional development and scholarly capabilities of its members. These workshops encompass a range of topics including career navigation, academic writing, and publication submission, and are led by experienced academic members of ISME. Information regarding these workshops is disseminated to ISME members through newsletters and the Student Chapter's social media pages. are available exclusively to registered ISME members (unless otherwise specified). 

Committee members

The convening body of the Student Chapter is:

  • Mr Hayden Mitt (AU)

  • Dr Le-Xuan Zhang (CN/HK)

  • Ms Shree Lakshmi Vaidyanathan (IN)

  • Prof Jody Kerchner (USA)


Contact the Student Chapter team at: 

Visit the Student Chapter Facebook page here.

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