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Greetings from ISME!

International Society of Music Education (ISME) is the premier international organization for music education. ISME believes that everyone has a right to music education, and we respect musical traditions from all cultures. ISME is affiliated to UNESCO and the International Music Council.

For more about the ISME Student Chapter please click here.

We invite you to attend the fourth ISME Student Chapter Event. This is a FREE ONLINE EVENT, happening on Oct 2nd, 2023 @ 11:00am-12:30pm (UTC), designed for graduate students as well as early career researchers and practitioners who are interested in music education research. 

As part of the 36th ISME World Conference, Helsinki, there are 8 Pre-Conference Seminars held by the ISME Commissions around Finland and Estonia during the week preceding the World Conference in July 2024.

With these Pre-Conference Seminars in mind, this online event curated by the ISME Student Chapter brings you a distinguished panel of 5 Commissioners from 4 of the ISME Commissions who will share with us the process of  submitting to a pre-conference seminar and what the commissions look for in such submissions. This is an excellent opportunity to understand how to contribute and become part of the international academic community in your chosen field.

This panel will include:


Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching Commission (IVMTC)


Dr. Yiannis Miralis, Cyprus


Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching Commission (IVMTC)


Dr. Sylvain Jaccard, Switzerland


Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ECME)


Dr. Lauren Kooistra, USA


Education of the Professional Musician Commission (CEPROM)


Prof. Alejandra García Trabucco, Argentina


Community Music Activity Commission (CMA)


Dr. Alicia de Bánffy-Hall, Germany





Interested participants may register here or scan the QR code on the poster.

In the future, the ISME Student Chapter will be conducting many more workshops and events – both regional and international – specifically for students and early career professionals in music education, so please consider becoming an ISME member and share information about these workshops with your friends, colleagues and students! 
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ISME Student Chapter: Commissioners Panel Discussion