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Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC)The MISTEC believes that music should be made available to all students in all schools and at all levels by professional music educators. The Commission further supports the premise that teacher education programs should aim to produce highly qualified future music teachers and support their continuous professional development. MISTEC believes in its international role as a body for promoting theoretical and practical innovation, research methodologies and policy development to meet the challenges faced by music educators worldwide.


The mission of MISTEC is to promote and support:

  • the development of research expertise in the field of music teacher education, including the creation of new methodologies;
  • the development of theoretical innovation and new practical approaches for music teacher education;
  • international collaboration between professionals from different regions of the world, including the setting up of joint research projects between different institutions;
  • the exchange of multicultural resources and innovative teaching approaches between ISME members who work in teacher education.
  • policy discussion aiming to share experiences between professionals and institutions from around the world; and
  • colleagues around the world to influence the formation of educational policies so as to ensure that there will be quality music education for all children.

The above Mission will be achieved by MISTEC through the promotion of activities such as biennial Commission Seminars, ISME World Conferences, the dissemination of research and information through various types of publications, and networking offered to ISME members.

General Information

The Music in Schools and Teacher Education (MISTEC) Commission held its first seminar in Switzerland, in 1976. It is one of the oldest commissions of ISME and concerns itself specifically with music education in schools, curricula, assessment and teacher education.

The ISME Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) seeks to promote and support the effective teaching and learning of music in school settings through increased understanding of curriculum development, instructional practices, and innovations in music teacher education. MISTEC sponsors biennial seminars prior to the ISME World Conference, to provide opportunities for music teacher educators and practicing teachers from around the world to share ideas and discuss issues related to our mission. Papers given at these seminars are subsequently published by the Commission. MISTEC also conducts field-related research.

Current MISTEC commissioners

*commission Chair. All following commissioners are presented in alphabetical order.

Emily Achieng' Akuno*


Emily B. Achieng' AkunoEmily Akuno studied music in Kenya (BEd), USA (MMus), and UK (PhD). She is Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries at the Kenya Polytechnic University College in Nairobi. She has taught postgraduate and undergraduate courses in musicology, performance, and music education. Her research work covers music practice and education, with a focus on cultural relevance through the use of indigenous music in schools. Her publications include journal articles on music education, music textbooks for the primary school curriculum in Kenya, an Anthology of Kenyan Children's songs and conference proceedings. She is a peer-reviewer of several journals in Africa. Past and present board and committee membership include: Academic Board of Kenya National Theatre Drama School (Chairperson); Kenya Cultural Centre Governing Council (member); Executive Committee, Kenya Music and Cultural Festival (Chairperson); Association of Music Educators of East Africa (AMEEA); Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education (PASMAE); ISME (Board member) and MISTEC (commissioner).

Julie Ballantyne


Julie BallantyneJulie Ballantyne is Director of Teaching and Learning and Senior Lecturer in Music Education in the School of Music at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is an editor of the 2010 book Navigating Music and Sound Education, which engages with the nexus between theory and practice across many issues in music education, and manages the support network www.musicteachersproject.net.

Dr Ballantyne's research interests include music teacher education, social justice in teacher education, the psychological and social impact of music participation at music festivals, and teacher identity. She has presented at various international conferences both in Australia and overseas, and has published articles in the International Journal of Music Education, Psychology of Music, Research Studies in Music Education, Music Education Research, Teaching and Teacher Education among others.

Smaragda Chrysostomou


Smaragda ChrysostomouDr Smaragda Chrysostomou is currently an Associate Professor of Music Pedagogy and Didactics in the Faculty for Music Studies at the University of Athens. She also teaches undergraduate courses in the Faculty for Primary Teachers and postgraduate courses in the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at the University of Athens. She supervises a number of doctoral students in the area of Music Education. Upon her return from the UK, where she completed her PhD at the University of Reading (1997), she has worked in Greece as a music teacher in secondary education (in general and music schools) and as an in-service trainer for music teachers in primary and secondary education for many years. She was one of the two academics heading the committee for the creation of the latest Music Curriculum in Cyprus (appointed by the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture) and also a member of the team responsible for the creation of the recent Music Curriculum in Greece (appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education). She is the head of the Aesthetic Education team in the 'Digital School' project responsible for the creation of media-enriched school textbooks in Music and Visual Arts in all years of compulsory education (appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education). She has many publications related to her work in Greek and international journals and edited books. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the International Journal of Education & the Arts as well as in Bresler, L.(ed.) (2008). International Handbook of Research in Arts Education. Dordrecht, NL.: Springer. She is also a member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Music Education-Practice and a member for the Editorial Board for the Greek journals Mousikopaidagogika and Music in Primary Education. Her book titled Music in Education: the Dilemma of Interdisciplinarity (2005, in Greek) is used in many undergraduate courses in Greece as a recommended textbook. She has presented her work in many ISME conferences and MISTEC Seminars since 1994 and has organised the MISTEC Seminar 2012 in Komotini, Greece. Current research interests include: music teacher education, music and arts integration, music curriculum, assessment in the music classroom, music teaching methods, applications of technology in music teaching.

Gabriel Rusinek


Gabriel RusinekDr Gabriel Rusinek is Associate Professor of Music Education at the College of Education, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, and coordinates a doctoral program in Music Education. He has published in Spanish and international journals, and is the editor of the peer reviewed open access research journal Revista Electrónica Complutense de Investigación en Educación Musical (www.ucm.es/info/reciem).

He is a member of the editorial boards of ISME's International Journal of Music Education-Practice (where he also translates the abstracts into Spanish) and Revista Internacional de Educación Musical (www.revistaeducacionmusical.org), and a member of the advisory boards of the International Journal of Education & the Arts and of Music Education Research.

Eva Sæther


Eva SætherDr Eva Sæther is a Reader in Music Education Research at Lund University, Malmö Academy of Music (MAM), Sweden. Her musical background and point of departure is Swedish folk music. In 2003, she defended her doctoral thesis The Oral University: Attitudes to music teaching and learning in the Gambia. Her study of meaningful engagement and social inclusion in music education was the focus of four years of collaborative research with an international team of researchers, resulting in several refereed journal publications. She initiated the research profile Intercultural perspectives-music education in multicultural learning contexts at MAM and coordinates the Nordic master program for world music, GLOMAS. She is at present working with the project Creativities. Transcending boundaries in higher music education. Since 1996 she has regularly presented her research at International Society for Music Education (ISME) conferences, and since 2008 she is one of the commissioners in Music in Schools and teacher Education Commission (MISTEC). evasaether.com/Min/Forskning.html | www.creativities.org

Paulina Wai-Ying Wong

Hong Kong

Paulina Wai-Ying WongDr Paulina Wai-ying Wong is Assistant Professor in the Cultural and Creative Arts Department at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd). Paulina focuses on music performance and choral education. She is currently the music subject coordinator of the department and the chair of the choral partnership school project. Her areas of research interest include music communication, music performance and leadership, choral and music education. Paulina is actively involved in consultancy work by conducting workshops, seminars for international conferences, professional organizations, local schools and churches. She is a frequent organizing chair and member for international choral and music education seminars and conferences. Paulina is the Artistic Director of the HKIEd Chorus and Educators' Singers, President of the Hong Kong Association For Music Educators, Council Chair and Board Member of local schools. She is also the chief author of the Huang Tzu Literature Collection published by Longman Hong Kong Education. In 2005, funded by the University Grants committee to develop an interactive CD-ROM, "The application of interactive kinesthetic movement and gestures for choral teaching and learning for promoting innovation in choral training. Recently, she conducted and recorded selected choral works by Huang Tzu, "Searching for Plum Blossoms in the Snow" was published by HUGO Productions Ltd. in 2011. The CD was awarded "The Best Choir Recording Award by Guangzhou City Radio.