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2010 Hangzhou

Harmonizing the Diversity that is Community Music
Chair: Don Coffman, USA (2008-2010)

2008 Rome

Projects, Perspectives & Conversations
Chair: Lee Higgins, UK (2006-08)

2006 Singapore

Creating Partnerships, Making Links, Promoting Change
Chair: Phil Mullen, UK (2004-06)

2004 Tenerife

Community Music at the Crossroads
Chair: Pat Shehan Campbell, USA (2002-04)

2002 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Community Music in the Modern Metropolis
Chair: Huib Schippers, The Netherlands (2000-02)

2000 Toronto, Canada

Lived Music, Shared Music Making: Community Music the New Millennium
Chair, Kari Veblen, Canada (1998-2000)

1998 Cape Town, South Africa

Many Musics-One Circle
Chair: Betsy Oehrle, South Africa (1996-98)

1996 Liverpool, UK

Here Comes the 21st Century-The Challenges to the Future
Chair: David Price, UK (1994-96)

1994 Athens, Georgia, USA

The Role of Community Music in a Changing World
Chair: Tim Joss, UK (1992-94)

1992 Auckland, New Zealand

The Role of the Music Educator in the Multicultural Society
Chair: John Drummond, New Zealand (1990-92)

1990 Oslo, Norway

Training Musicians and Music Educators to Meet Community Needs
Chair: Ingrid Olseng, Norway (1988-90)

1988 Wellington, New Zealand

Community Music-Interaction between Amateurs and Professionals
Chair: Einar Solbu, Norway (1982-88)