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Reasons for attending an ISME World Conference on Music Education


  • You will meet music educators from nearly 90 countries

Energize yourself

  • World renowned speakers will stretch your thinking in new directions

Professional growth

  • A host of presentations are offered in various styles: roundtables, symposia, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, posters

Communication and sharing

  • You will meet international colleagues who are eager to communicate and share ideas between conferences


  • You will meet international colleagues who are always willing to offer assistance between conferences, but there will also be those eager to connect with you and seek your assistance


  • Explore the wide variety of opportunities that ISME offers for you to be a conference presenter, performer or leader of a performing group. Mentors are available who will assist you to polish your submissions, as required

Musical experiences

  • Enjoy concerts by performers from all over the world, and from the host country and region

Earn credits

  • Many institutions offer recognition and academic credit for ISME conference attendance. Some institutions may provide financial assistance. ISME will always supply you with any letters/documentation to assist in this regard

Exhibition/Trade Show

  • Browse through local, regional and international exhibits that are showcased for display and for sale


  • ISME conferences move around the world, thus offering an opportunity to combine your music educational and personal interests


  • An ISME World Conference on Music Education promises to renew both your professional knowledge and expertise and your contacts with former and new colleagues from around the world