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ISME 2012: 31st ISME World Conference on Music Education


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Jiaxing XieAs a member of ISME board I will:

  • Continue to encourage more Chinese music educators and students to become ISME members and be actively involved in ISME.
  • Work to promote international music education exchange and cooperation, and encourage an atmosphere of global sharing between the music education communities in China and the world at large
  • Continue to forge connections between ISME and Chinese music education organizations (including higher music education institutions, other academic institutions and elementary education organizations)
  • Continue to be active in organizing music education symposia in China (such as the recent International Music Education Symposium in Nanjing, and the forum of the ongoing Beijing International Traditional Music Festival)
  • Share the rich and varied music culture of China globally and regularly through festivals, research and educational programs.

Xie, Jiaxing, professor and director of the Music Research Institute of the China Conservatory, distinguished professor of the Art Institute of Henan University and member of the External Examination Committee of Hong Kong Institute of Education. He holds a PhD in Music Aesthetics (2004) from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. On the ISME Board since 2010 he is also an executive member of CSME, director of the CSME Academic Committee of Music Education. He played a central role in organizing the 29th ISME World Conference 2010, and in 2011, organized a seminar in Beijing with ISME Community Music Activity Commission. He is adviser to the Asia Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research, served on the Board of the International Music Council. He is on the international advisory board of the British Journal of Music Education. He is committed to global academic exchange and been a guest speaker in several countries.