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ISME 2012: 31st ISME World Conference on Music Education


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Greece / Canada

Theodora Stathopoulos It is my distinct pleasure to serve a second term of office on ISME's Board of Directors. Historically speaking, Canada has played a significant role in ISME's development and its representation in North America. In this regard, I feel my presence on the board will support and advance ISME's interests and visibility in North America and Canada. As well, in my role as CMEA president (2011-2013), I will continue to advocate to our membership and affiliates about ISME and its world conferences. My continuation on the board will also advance the work on the El Sistema Special Interest Group (SIG) that I spearheaded during my first term of office (2010-2012) and convened for the 2012 Conference. In keeping with ISME's vision and mission, this SIG brings together advocates in support of the notion of music as a mean to social change. As well, I look forward to continuing the work on the various dossiers, including board liaison to the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM).

Theodora Stathopoulos was elected ISME board member in 2010. A devoted and active music educator since 1978, she became head of Fine Arts Core Education (FACE) School's string department in 2000. Ensembles under her direction have won distinctions and awards throughout her thirty- year career including Best Symphony and Chamber student Orchestra in Canada. Stathopoulos sits on various national and provincial music and art education committees and collaborates regularly with the Music Education Department of the Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and McGill University in their teacher - training programs. Her involvement with ISME dates back to 1976, in the organization of the ISME world conference that took place at the University of Western Ontario in London. More recently, she brought FACE performing ensembles to ISME's 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012 World Conferences. Currently she is serving as liaison to the board for the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM). Stathopoulos has served as President of the Quebec Music Educators Association (QMEA) and is now President of the Canadian Music Educators Association (CMEA). In 2006 she was awarded the Canadian Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.