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A time-table for the week and a sample of a typical day are also available


ISME World Conference 2010: Conference Theme & Logo

Harmony and the World Future


Harmony is the most important concept in China and also a fundamental characteristic of Chinese music. It means that the most excellent music must be the one that helps people reach to the peace of mind and then live with nature harmoniously. It is not only the highest praise for music, but also an ideal state in dealing with everything in Chinese people's daily life. Chinese people hope that their family members live in happiness and harmony, and the relationship between people is harmonious. Lately, the Chinese Central Government has proposed to build a harmonious world, and Chinese President Hu Jintao also urged Chinese artists and writers to devote themselves to promoting "cultural harmony".

Based on the conference theme, music educators will discuss how to enhance a well communication and understanding between different nations, cultures, genders and different groups on this conference. They will also discuss how to promote a more harmonious global development with harmonious music.

The Conference Logo

The ISME 2010 Conference LogoThe logo indicates triple meanings. The image is a watch-tower shape of the Great Wall, which indicates the conference is to be held in Beijing, China. The logo could be also regarded as a kind of musical instrument, Chinese chime-bells, the most splendid musical instrument of ancient China in 2,400 years ago. The bell handle is carved with a symbol of the transformed treble clef and cloud, which indicates the ISME World Conference is a multicultural event with Eastern and Western music and people from all over the world.

The Logo was designed by the People's Music Publishing House of China (team work).